Internal requests (CIMMYT)

Maize DH service will be offered internally in CIMMYT according to the following guidelines, effective from 1st November 2016.

​DH units and DH lines

  1. If a CIMMYT scientist (Indentor) requires 100 DH lines from a specific source population, it would be considered as one “DH Unit”. Accordingly, 500 seeds of each of the source populations should be submitted to the respective DH Operations Unit.
  2. From each DH unit, the target will be to produce at least 100 DH lines, provided the source population has no anthocyanin color inhibitor(s).
  3. If more than 100 DH lines are desired by an indentor from a specific source population, this must be clearly mentioned in the indent. For a minimum of 200 DH lines desired from a specific source population, seed for at least two DH units (2 x 500 seeds) should be submitted, and so on.
  4. If less than 100 DH lines are desired from any specific source population, a “half-DH unit” can be applied for, in which case 250 seeds should be submitted. For each such half-DH unit, the target number of DH lines will be at least 50.

For more information see:

CIMMYT Guidelines for DH Production Service at CIMMYT – Revised with new cost structure (Oct 31, 2016)

CIMMYT Indent for DH service (Oct 31, 2016)